Coach Information

Spring Meeting Minutes & Upcoming Summer Meetings

  • Thank you to everyone who made time for the MLFA Spring meeting this past Saturday; it was so nice to see everyone again before the end of the school year!
  • Whether or not you were able to make it, please review two things listed below: the meeting minutes AND summer committee meetings times and dates. We would love for every coach to choose a committee meeting to attend this summer – so look at that calendar and pick something that interests you! Your talents, expertise, and input are desired. Reach out to the chairperson leading the meeting to let them know that you are planning on attending!
  • Finally, we are looking to fill two leadership roles currently: we need a tech coordinator as well as a chairperson for the Communications committee. The tech coordinator would be in charge of managing our technology (i.e. our Google Domain, Website, and Facebook page) while the Communications chairperson would be work to ensure that we communicate effectively with all of our members across those platforms as well as email. This person may also work to compile clear contacts for current and former members of the league in order to increase the effectiveness of our communications. Let me know if you are interested in either of these roles OR if you know someone who may be a good fit!
Summer Meetings: