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Spring Meeting Date, Nominations, & More!

Hello, all!

First, congratulations to everyone for such a successful season. You as coaches put so much time and effort into this program, and your students are truly fortunate to have you! Also, special congratulations and thanks to Sarah Lichey and Danielle Wilde, who organized such an incredible State tournament for us all! Their hard work, planning, and care created an amazing day for us all. Thanks as well to the many, many of you that pitched in that day (and prior to that day) in various roles for the State tournament. The community you have created through your support is awe-inspiring! If you’d like to review the notes from the State business meeting, you can see those here.

Second, while you may be done with your team for the year, the league still has some business to attend to, and we would love your input! On April 29th from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, the MFLA Spring meeting will be held at St. Robert School. We would love to see you there! Some things that will happen at the meeting:

  • Report from executive board members as well as committee members
  • Voting to update bylaws 
  • Voting for a new president-elect
  • Voting for a secretary
  • Voting for a small schools representative
  • Pins for years of services handed out (if not received at State)
  • Committees will meet, reflect on year, and schedule summer meeting dates
  • Presidency will be handed over to Ryn Botsford by the end of the meeting!

Third, in preparation for the Spring meeting, you need to read and/or respond to the following:

  • Spring meeting agenda, including the by-laws changes to be voted upon (highlighted in yellow in the agenda)
  • NOMINATE individuals for president-elect, small schools representative, and/or secretary. Click the link to nominate individuals for any of these positions.