Coach Information

Spring Meeting Agenda

The MLFA Spring meeting will take place at St. Robert School on Saturday, April 30th. The meeting will commence at 8:00 and end by noon.
Please, click HERE to review the meeting agenda ahead of time. The first item on the list of the business meeting portion is to approve the meeting minutes from the coaches meeting at State. Before we meet, please be sure to review those minutes, which are posted on our website, but may also be viewed here.
Committee chairpeople, unless I am told otherwise, I will assume that you intend on being present and will be able to meet with / lead a committee of coaches to discuss issues that pertain to your committee. If you are unable to attend, please let me know. Within the agenda, there is a link to committee discussion items. Chairpeople, feel free to add to the list.
Coaches who are not formally on any committee, we want you there and we want your input! Please, show up by 8:30 in order to lend your voice to helping improve and shape this organization. You are all vital to our success!
I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!