MLFA Merchandise!

Our 2021 MLFA  Merchandise

Each year, the MLFA encourages our students to submit a design for the association merchandise.  The sales of our t-shirts and sweatshirts help support tournaments hosted by the Middle Level Forensics Association.

2020-2021 MLFA T-Shirts
How do I order? when is the deadline to place my order?
  • Order here through Custom Ink! Orders are due by FEBRUARY 10th!
Who can order?
  • Students, families, and coaches may order their own apparel this year!
What items are available? What sizes are available?
  • T-shirts, women’s fitted t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, crew necks, and hoodies are available in a variety of blue shades in sizes Youth M-XL, and adult S-5XL, depending on shirt style.
  • T-shirts: Adult S-3XL
  • Women’s T-shirts (more fitted): Adult S-3XL
  • Long-sleeve shirts: Youth M, XL and Adult S-3XL (dark blue); Adult S-3XL (light blue)
  • Crew Neck: Youth L, Adult S-5XL
  • Hoodies: Adult S-4XL
How Much do shirts cost?
  • T-shirts: $20
  • Women’s T-shirts (more fitted): $20
  • Long-sleeve shirts: $25
  • Crew Neck: $30
  • Hoodies: $35
  • Size 2XL:  Please add $2.50 for T-shirts/Long-sleeve shirts; $3 for Crew necks/Hoodies
  • Size 3XL:  Please add $3.50 for T-shirts/Long-sleeve shirts; $4 for Crew Necks/Hoodies
  • Size 4XL: Please add $5 for Crew Necks/Hoodies
  • Size 5XL: Please add $6 for for Crew Necks
Will my school name be on my apparel?
  • No, this year school names will not appear on apparel.
How do I pay for my item(s)?
  • Pay directly at time of purchase with a credit card or Paypal.
How will i get my item(s)? When will they arrive?
  • They will be shipped to your directly. Shipping is $5.95+ and delivery begins March 1st.
Can I wear my apparel while i’m participating in a meet?
  • Yes! Since school names do not appear on apparel, wear it proudly, even during a meet!


Past Merchandise Designs