Forensics is an extra-curricular activity offered to students in 6th, 7th & 8th grade.The purpose of middle school forensics is to build self-confidence and oral competency by developing and practicing fundamental public speaking skills.

When is the Middle School Forensics Season?

Information meetings are typically held in November/December.  Coaching typically begins in early January and competitions take place in February and March.

How Does Forensics Work?

With the help of their coach, team members prepare an oral presentation from one of eighteen different categories including Prose, Poetry, Storytelling, News Reporting, Solo Acting and Group Acting, Group Improvisation, and Demonstration.  These selections are then performed at scheduled tournaments and festivals where students are evaluated according to individual category standards.Students then choose a category and begin the search for an appropriate selection to be used in competition during the tournament season.

When Does Competition Begin?

Competitions are hosted by MLFA schools during the weekends from late January through early March. The State MLFA  Tournament takes place in mid-March.  Since forensics is primarily an individual or small-group activity, students may attend as many competitions as they would like.

Are you a member of mlfa?

Several sections of this website are only available to registered members of MLFA. You’ll need the members’ password to access the information. If you need the password, Contact


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  1. Hello Dana,
    It’s fantastic to hear that you are interested in beginning an MLFA program at Greendale MS! My name is Barbara Hallman and I’m a veteran coach from Appleton Xavier and the MLFA webmaster.
    -Our association dues are $50 if paid by Nov 1st. This covers your participation in the association.
    -Our competition season begins the first week of February and runs through the end of March with the State Tournament. (This year with Easter at the end of March, our State Tournament will take place this weekend.)
    -Teams are welcome to attend as many competitions as they wish, but coaches are requested to limit their students’ participation at no more than six meets (to allow room for other participants). Each competition is hosted independently by member schools who charge $4-$5 per student to cover the cost of the meet.
    -Students choose one category for the season from the 18 categories. At each competition, the students perform at least twice. The students are scored against the ideal performance, then ranked against the other students in their room.
    -There are several types of competitions: 1) a festival is a two round meet where students earn ribbons, 2) a two round tournament with power round involves all students in two rounds, then the top ranked students compete in a final round of competition for medals/trophies, 3) the last is a fixed-round tournament where students perform in either two or three rounds of competition, then earn medals/trophies based on their scores.
    -Take a look at the items listed under the New Coach Assistance Page
    -There are many schools in your area who participate in MLFA. Take a look at the map of schools at this link: if a password is requested, use forensicsrocks
    -Here’s a link of our competition calendar this past season:
    -Take a look at our categories. The rules and rubrics for each category is linked on the category pages.

    Feel free to email if you need more information.

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