All judges at sanctioned MLFA competitions must be trained in the use of the MLFA Rules and Rubrics.
Head Coaches are responsible for her/his judges EACH year.
Returning judges must still be refreshed (either by sponsoring coach or by training session).
ALL persons who will judge during the 2019 competition season must be recertified each year.


Before the Competition Season:


Contact the training session host for more information and to reserve your spot. 


Members-only links:

  • Judge Training Materials – password protected
    • Judge Certification Test – Each person who will be a judge MUST complete this test to be certified for the 19-20 season
    • Training Video
      • Additional Training videos
    • Judge Registration


During The Competition Season:

Despite the many volunteers who host meets, judge performances, and tally results, there are times when a concern may arise at or after a competition. Below are links to the various reporting forms where the school coach may address an issue with the association leadership. ALL parent concerns must FIRST go to the school coach.

HEAD COACH will use this link in the event to report a judging concern regarding a rubric score and/or comment – This reports directly to the Judging Standards and Practices Chair, Joe Danek

HEAD COACH will use this link in the event there is a concern with the practices at a sanctioned meet (tab room, check-in, safety concern, etc) – This reports to the Tournament Practices and Procedures Chair, Kathryn DeLapp

HEAD COACH will use this link in the event there is a concern with the rules and/or infractions of the association categories. – This reports to the Category Rules & Rubrics Chair, Deb Uttech


Judges — 1 Comment

  1. Would former students – now Sophomores, Juniors, and Senior students that have gone through the program be eligible to be trained as a judge?

    I know I am responsible for my judges and would only bring qualified individuals. As former MLFA students these students know what comments were helpful, what were hurtful or unnecessary.

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