All judges (new and returning) must be trained in the use of the MLFA Rules and Rubrics in order to judge at MLFA sanctioned tournaments.

Judge Training Materials 

    • 2022 Judge Certification Test (coming soon) – Each person who will be a judge MUST complete this test to be certified for the season
    • Judge Training Slide Presentation (to be used by trainer during sanctioned training session)
    • 2022 Judge Registration 

Resources for Judges

  1. Judge Handbook (draft in progress!)
  2. Speechwire & E-Ballot Tutorial / Instructions (video below)


Concerns / Reporting

Below are links to the various reporting forms where the school coach may address an issue with the association leadership. Only head coaches should fill out these forms.

Judge Concerns Online Reporting Form 

Competition Concerns Online Reporting Form 

Category Rules and Infractions Online Reporting Form 

Other concerns? Email the executive board at mlfa@wisconsinmlfa.org!