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Hello Coaches!

By now, I would imagine that most (if not all) of our member schools have hosted their student and parent informational meetings. Hopefully, you’ve been blessed to not only have many returning and new students, but also many supportive parents and colleagues who are willing to be judges for your team.
A reminder that each team must supply at every meet, at least 1 trained & registered judge per every 5 entries (or fraction thereof). ALL judges and coaches must attend a training session to brush up on the rule and rubric changes. All judges must be 18 or older and willing to be an impartial critic.
If you are a veteran (or even a returning coach with a few years under your belt), you should consider hosting a judge training session at your school where YOU assist other coaches and judges to get trained.
There are currently only 8 training sessions listed. We really could use more! Please consider hosting a session or opening your private training session to the other schools in our association.
If you’d like to see the session sites currently on our list, follow this link.
Updated materials will be available on the website (likely) by the end of December. If you have questions about judges, contact Patrick Russell from St Sebastian who heads up our Judges Standards committee. His email address is: mlfajudge@gmail.com
Have a great season!

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