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    • For safety purposes, we do not post the maps of schools. When that information is available, it will be emailed to all participating schools.

  1. News Reporting question: In the event 1 member of a 3 person team cannot be present on the day of the tournament or festival, how should the remaining members of the team proceed? Must the team forfeit? May the remaining members complete the presentation? Does a stand in student need to fill in for the missing member and if so, is that student permitted to also participate in their own category as well?

    • An entry in a group category is allowed to either find a substitute or go without the member. The substitute is NOT allowed to participate in another category on the same day.

    • Sorry Barb, we’re still waiting for the tshirt information from the committee. Since all merchandise must be ordered through one of the member school coaches, you’ll need to contact one of the head coaches for access.

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