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Coach’s Questions — 13 Comments

  1. I have a question about judging. I thought I had heard during judge training not to score below a 50. Did I hear this wrong? At the Mequon Meet, We were gives a wrong score sheet for a student from another school who was given a 29 without the infraction! Ouch, talk about deflating:( Overall, the scores for our team were low as well. Which wouldn’t have bothered me so much if the judges had actually written helpful comments. Maybe a reminder is in order? Thanks for listening!

  2. I have scanned the website for information on state qualifying scores. The best information I could find to see if students qualify was that the speaker earned an average score of 37 or a total of 111 points across three meets. I think this information was based on old rubrics that had a scale of 1-40. What are the qualifications for the updated rubrics with a scale of 1-70?

    • On the 2016-17 rubrics it states at the top that 62 qualifies for State. That means on the new rubric with a possible 70 points, an average of score of 62 at three or more meets qualifies the student for State. You will find their average score and average rank on the print out you receive with your teams ribbons and rubrics at the end of a meet.

  3. If my student is doing “Storytelling” and they want to use the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake, would she have to change “you” and “your” to something else so that it is strictly third person, or is 2nd person ok as long as it is not 1st person?

    • It is my understanding that Storytelling must be in the third person, however you can use lines and character voices and dialogue, it simply needs to be accompanies by identity tags (i.e. and then the third pig said “Get out of my house”.

  4. Our school was unable to attend the fall meeting. Were there changes made to scoring and qualifying for state? If so, what were they? I have not seen a posting for the fall meeting minutes and I am having an initial forensics meeting at our school in a week.
    Thank you!

    • Hi I just saw this as I was looking for an answer on something else. On the rubric at the top to qualify for State it takes a 62 point average (see your team’s print out when you leave the meet – it gives each entry’s average rank and average score) over three meets. There has been confusion over what constitutes a Blue Ribbon but it seems to be an average 62 at the meet. This is being researched right now and I’m sure an answer will be posted soon. At Golda, 62 was a Blue Ribbon – we went with the State qualifier score, as did Starms, however I understand another meet this weekend did something different. Stay tuned.

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