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Coach’s Questions — 3 Comments

  1. Question about Rule #1 & 2 in Faraggo. In Rule 1, it states that “all adaptations must be stated in the introduction.” Then in Rule #2 it says that a memorized “introduction and transitions must include titles, authors, theme, and genre.” My students never list every single piece they are presenting (title and author) in the introduction. They introduce the theme for all and then the title/author/genre of the piece they are about to say. Then, in the transitions between pieces, they reiterate the thematic connection and introduce the title/author/genre of the next upcoming piece. A judge mentioned this was incorrect and that every single piece needed to be named before she started with any of the pieces, instead of using the transitions to do this. Which is correct? Please help!

  2. Does anyone do a point system for their students? Example: Attend practice, Attend a meet, etc to earn points for recognition.

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