Coach’s Timetable

Here’s a general timeline for a team coach:

August/September – 

  • Join MLFA Coach Facebook Group
  • Register your team & pay the $60 dues
  • Speak with your principal/supervisor to discuss your budget and assistant coaches
  • Gather paperwork that will be required by your school for student participation

October – 

  • Attend the Fall Coaches Meeting & Workshop
  • Sign up for the new coach mentor program

November – 

  • Set a date for student and parent info meetings
  • Handout MLFA Code of Conduct, Email Release Form, and any school-based permissions
  • Set a tentative competition calendar for your team
  • Register your team on Speechwire
  • Set up a calendar of coaching times and share with students and parents at info meeting
  • Consider promoting the association t-shirt. The profit from the annual t-shirt/sweatshirt sale helps to off-set the costs of the state tournament. Ordering information will be posted online.

December – 

  • Collect paperwork (MLFA Code of Conduct, Email Release Form, and any school-based permissions)
  • Begin to meet with students to choose categories and selections
  • Find people to serve as judges (need 1 for every 5 entries at tournaments)  and share judge training dates
  • Have a team meeting to get to know each other and to gather paperwork
  • Confirm/share tournament schedule with team & collect their desired tournament signup requests
  • T-shirt/Sweatshirt sales are on-going.

January – 

  • Register your team for tournaments on tournaments registration day!
  • Begin to coach students
  • Gather any missing paperwork
  • Once your competition schedule is finalized, contact your bus company to schedule your transportation
  • Have a team meeting in early January where the students perform for additional coaches/judges who can give them coaching and feedback for improvement. Often, the students aren’t quite ready, but this is a great opportunity to do a “run-through” and also get assistance with introductions, etc.
  • T-shirt/Sweatshirt sales are on-going.
  • Request tournament checks from your school office.
  • Competition season begins!

February – 

  • Competitions continue.
  • Continue coaching students. I suggest at least weekly with the student also working outside of school with parent.
  • Toot your horn! Include competition results in your school announcements and newsletters. Don’t forget to take pictures!
  • Track your students’ results/scores in order to determine who will qualify for the state tournament
  • Gather volunteer names & info who will be willing to assist at the state tournament. Each team is asked to provide at least one volunteer.
  • T-shirt/Sweatshirt sales are on-going.

March – 

  • Competition season continues. Be sure you track your students progress. I suggest you do a Google Sheet and share it with your students!
  • Consider whether your state students will order boxed lunches and your judges will order judge buffet.
  • Early March the state tournament registration and information is posted online.
  • Register your students for the state tournament by the deadline (typically the second week of March) and request check for registration
  • Schedule an awards night the week of state. Have your state competitors perform for the students, parents, and families. (We always do a cake and punch event!)
  • State Tournament!

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