Coach’s Budget Breakdown

How much does it cost for a team to participate in MLFA competitions?

The association team fee is $60 per school year if paid before Nov 1st.

Other Costs for the team?

Transportation to competitions
This would be a cost left up to your discretion. Some schools have parents drive, others take a bus. You’ll need to check this out with your school.
Similar to other forensics associations, you’ll need to supply one trained judge per every 5 entries (not students) per competition. Some schools use volunteer judges who have been trained, others pay their judges. Depending on your school, this cost is sometimes covered by the forensics budget.

How much does it typically cost for a student to participate in MLFA competitions?

Competition Fees
Once the competition season begins, each host school charges their own per student registration fee. The cost is set by the host school. Typically, the fee is around $6.00 per student. Students are only allowed to attend up to five regular-season meets, so at the top end of the price range, it would be $30 per student.
State Tournament Qualification
In order to qualify for the state tournament, a student/group must compete at a minimum of three regular season competitions. At these competitions, they must have earned a minimum average of 62 quality points or higher out of 70 quality points. In other words, if a student goes to five meets, at least three of the meets the student would need to have earned the required average. There are other ways that a student can qualify, you can check those on the website.
State Tournament Cost
The per student fee ranges depending on venue costs and whether you order lunches to cover the cost of the tournament site, the awards, and tournament costs. Plan for about $20-25 per kid (including lunch). Again, each team would be required to supply one trained judge per every 5 entries.


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