Persuasive Speech

Life situations often result in the need to persuade others.  We may want to convince other people to believe differently than they do at present or to take a particular action in response to a current situation.  We can offer a solution to a problem or perhaps to reinforce and strengthen current attitudes.  The Persuasive Speech category allows participants to prepare and deliver such a speech.  A good persuasive speech will contain evidence and reasoning, as well as sound emotional appeals. (Time: 3 ½-7 minutes)

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Persuasive Speech — 2 Comments

  1. In looking at the rubric for persuasive speaking, it is unclear which time should be scored. On the website and the rubric side of the scoring sheet for persuasive speaking, it shows 3 1/2 to 7 minutes, but on the rules side of the scoring sheet, it shows 3 to 7 minutes. We were unclear at our meet as to which time frame should be followed.

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