Group Improvisation

In the Group Improvisation category, the speakers will create an “off the cuff” presentation about a common knowledge topic or situation. Topics may be a word, phrase, statement, or non-specific question, which will be drawn immediately before speaking. The focus will be on the speakers’ ability to think on their feet. Sources need not be cited, as topics are within the experience or knowledge of the speakers.

A presentation in this category may be informative, persuasive, or entertaining. (e.g. If the topic is vampires, students might give an informative speech about identifying a vampire, a persuasive speech about how to protect against being bitten by a vampire, or an entertaining play that centers around a vampire.) The presentation should include an introduction, body and conclusion. In judging this category, equal emphasis should be given to content and style. This is a group category.

Time Limit: 4 – 5 minutes

Link to Category Rules & Rubrics Page

Group Improvisation Preparation & Procedures



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  1. Do any veteran coaches out there have any resources or tips/suggestions on how to coach kids in this category? I have found several improvisation topics to have the students go through and select as they would in competition, but I’m not sure how to help them think about the format or “outline” of how they should prepare when given a topic. Any help would be appreciated!

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